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Wheat song to "build Chinese custom box leading brand" as the goal, the integration of advanced production technology and production management in a change in the fusion, in the transformation period, the soft strength significantly improved, internationalization has become increasingly prominent charm. Today, the wheat song with the introduction of the advanced, quality and efficient production equipment, strong technical force, production design is adequate; at the same time the company and Harbin Institute of Technology, Shandong University and other colleges and universities of polymer materials and engineering college established the national experimental research and development center, the new strategy, with insulation antibiotic and general class etc. multiple specifications series as the representative of the boxes will be fully launched, the company's products leading domestic similar goods, fast import substitution. In the field of marketing, the company and members of the network has been constructed through the years stand together through storm and stress, a stable, efficient and harmonious marketing team. In order to further improve the coverage of the network, a part of the regional recruitment of wheat song marketing network platform is specially designed to welcome the people with lofty ideals and cooperation. 2014322182418338.jpg未标题-1.jpg

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